Hypochlorous acid water maker

Hypochlorous acid water maker

pH 2.7 Hypochlorous Acid Water Uses!!
Probably you already know strong alkaline water is best for rinsing fruits and vegetables to neutralize many of the toxic residues. But, do you know the produced Hypochlorous acid water is amazing too?
Hypochlorous acid water (HOCl) is produced by electrolysis of a NaCl solution at the anode side. Through our 7-plate water ionizer, the pH of Hypochlorous acid water is between 2~3 and positive ORP over +1100mV. These characteristics quickly destroy bacteria, fungi, and pathogens causing virals.

Application to Life:

1. Substitute for alcohol and bleach

–Doesn’t destroy your skin or leave a toxic residue all over the place. Use a spray bottle for easy access.

2. Kills microorganisms

–Rinse all fruit, vegetable, fish, and meat. This will kill microbes and eliminate the strong odor and flavor.

3. Remove coffee and tea stains from cups

–Soak in acid water with pH2.7 for a period of time

4. Growth and blossoms for plants

–Natural disinfectant, without any damage to the plants.

Japan alkaline water ionizer

Not only is Buder alkaline water ionizers able to make healthy alkaline water, but also can provide various types of water that can be used depending on your purpose. Save money and make your home more environmentally friendly!

Hypochlorous acid water maker
Hypochlorous acid water maker

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