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Buder Healthy drinking water HI-TA837

HI-TA837 / HI-TA817C

Hydrogen Water Machine

  • 7 Platinum Plate Hydrogen Water Machine
  • Unique Electrodes Design Patent
  • New PFC Electrodes Technology
  • Automatic Reverse Cleaning Design Patent
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Founded in1978

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R&D Capability

Number of R&D Staff:9People

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R&D Capability

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Export Percentage:38%

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Production Lines:4

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QC Staff:7 People

"Buder Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd." was engaged in Water Dispenser Field since 1970, has become a well-known professional water dispenser manufacturer in Taiwan.Our belief is always to be the most reliable supplier and present the best quality to customers Buder Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the water dispenser field since 1970.

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Buder Alkaline Ionizer

Water Hydrogen Water Filter Machine pH2.7~pH10.5