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LED Toothbrush With Replaceable Head

The world’s first tartar-seeing toothbrush

Product Functions

Built-in LED light can help seeing tartar and effective cleaning your tooth. The replaceable brush is recommended every 2 months.


Do not look directly at light.

Only open the bottom cover for battery replacement and keep the toothbrush DRY during replacement. Any ingress of water might damage the electric circuit inside.

Replace brush head every 2 months or upon worn out. Keep out of reach of children under the age of 3. If parts were accidentally swallowed, please ask your nearest hospital for help.


Taiwan Pat. No. M534533

Germany Pat. No. 202016106206

Japan Pat. No. 3208493

China Pat. No. ZL 2018 2 1030835.1

America are still under examination

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Model no. T1-2-B1
Meterial bristles-soft nylon handle-PP & TPR
Quantity Tooth brush(body) 1 pcs

Brush head 3 pcs
Dimension 5.8(W) x 22(D) x 2.5(H)cm
Weight 75 g
Exp.Date 10 years

LED Toothbrush with replaceable Head

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