HI-TAQ5 Alkaline Water Machine

Under Sink
Alkaline Water Ionizer


Product Function
► Alkaline Water Machine
(Original Made in Japan)
► Unique Electrodes Design Patent
► Automatic Reverse Cleaning Design Patent
► Automatic indicator alert for built-in filter replacement
►TUV certification
Advanced Technology
Automatic reversed cleaning during Electrolyzing by 1/50 second.
All “ BUDER” water ionizers are “MADE IN JAPAN” by “Maxell,Ltd.” (old “ Kyushu Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.”), and the electrodes are "Platinum Electrode plates" with ”Maxell,Ltd.” unique patent and High-End “Perfect Platinum PFC" Technology for electrodes surface treatment.

“Maxell,Ltd.” unique patent- “Perfect Platinum PFC" surface treatment Technology! The platinum electrodes plates are treated by very fine electroplating one time and then second time treated by Sintering. Sintering is an effective process to reduce the porosity and enhances properties such as strength, electrical conductivity, translucency and thermal conductivity.

The platinum electrodes after two times surface treatment, the form of electrodes thickness are thicker than other manufacturer. It brings the best performance which is the best water ionizer in the world.Also the UF membrane mixed with silver carbon filter cartridges for our water ionizers are “MADE IN JAPAN” by “ Maxell,Ltd.” too.

“ BUDER” Water Ionizers are certified by TUV / ISO13485,” and the UF membrane mixed with silver carbon filter cartridges are certified by JIS / SGS, has the best quality in the world.


Model No. HI-TAQ7
Type Under Counter
ORP Max.-1000mv
Flow Rate Max. 3.8L/minute
pH value 2.7~10.5
Electrodes ~7 Platinum plate
Weight / Dimension 5.7Kg/12 x 25 x 26cm
Faucet Size 12 x 25 x 26cm(dia.22cm)
Voltage / Watt 110V / 220V ;3.0A / 250W
Boiled Water Dispensers
Tank Capacity
Boiled Water Dispensers
Voltage / Watt
110V / 220V ;750W
Boiled Water Dispensers
Weight / Dimension
5Kg / 18x25x38.5cm
Cleaning System each second automatic reverse cleaning for 1/50second (3600times per hour)
Filter Material Silver activated carbon combined with UF membrane 0.1um, certified by JIS (JAPAN) / SGS (TAIWAN)
Filter Lifetime 12000 Liters