DC-1805 5 Stage Quick Change Water Purifier

4 Stage Resin
Quick Change Water Purifier


Product Functions
► 4 stage filters
► Remove odor, chlorine, dirt & particle
► Quick Changed Filter Cartridge, Easy Maintenance
► Easy to install,durable and affordable
► Removes bacteria and viruses of water up to 99.9%
► Membrane: UF Hollow Fiber, precision of 0.1 um, remove most
bacterias, viruses,chlorine,suspensions,pesticide,heavy metals.....etc..
most of the dissolved matter in the tap water


Model No. DC-1804R
Type 4stage
1stage Pre-filter 5 Micron PP filter
2stage Resin filter
3stage Carbon Filter
4stage UF membrane mixed Actived carbon filber filter
Weight 4Kg
Dimension 32 (W) x 10 (D) x 33 (H) cm (±1%)
Faucet Size 6 (W) x 2.5 (D) x 25.5 (H) (dia.16cm) cm (±1%)