台灣精品 | 健康好水普德淨水-飲水機、水素水、淨水器推薦
2021 Taiwan Excellence Awards-Modern Drinking Station (BD-3200)
台灣精品 | 健康好水普德淨水-飲水機、水素水、淨水器推薦
Buder appeared on the bus in Hanoi!

🎊Congratulations! The 2020 Taiwan Expo Exhibition opens at Rosewood Hotel Bangkok in Bangkok Thailand.🎊

Even though the whole world is currently in a severe epidemic, Buder is still active in expanding the sales arena.
Thanks to the Foreign Trade Association for carefully planning the opening press conference,
physical, online exhibition, and buyer matching activities.
Thanks to the representative of Li in Thailand and Director Chang of the Trade Association for on-site inquiries Crowd and media interviews.
Thank you ASIA_WATER Boss Zhe and the team for their full support