台灣精品 | 健康好水普德淨水-飲水機、水素水、淨水器推薦
2019 Smart Asia Exhibition in India 🇮🇳
台灣精品 | 健康好水普德淨水-飲水機、水素水、淨水器推薦
Congratulations! The 2020 Taiwan Expo Exhibition opens at Rosewood Hotel Bangkok in Bangkok Thailand.

🎊2021 Taiwan Excellence Awards-Modern Drinking Station (BD-3200)🎊

Buder Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd once again won the 2021 Taiwan Excellence Award.
After winning the 2020 Taiwan Excellence Award, Buder won the Taiwan Excellence Award again in 2021. In fact, Buder has won the award for 4 years consecutively.
The Taiwan Excellence Award is an annual award administered by the Foreign Trade Association for Taiwan's industries. International industry and academia experts are invited to give professional ratings on five major projects: R&D, design, quality, marketing, and manufacturing.
This time, Buder’s purification products stood out from more than 300 participating products and won the Taiwan Excellence Award. In addition to demonstrating extraordinary R&D strength and strict quality control, to be affirmed by the Taiwan Excellence Award for two consecutive years, in order to insist on the spirit of continuous self-challenge R&D and innovation, more importantly, listening to customer needs and creating a win-win situation with customers is the only way to become a sustainable business.

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2021 Taiwan Excellence Awards-Modern Drinking Station (BD-3200)