BD-2035 Freestanding Water Dispenser

Pure Bottleless
Water Dispenser

Can drink as much as you want
No need for delivery
No need for water supply construction
Slim design
VW Pure Bottleless Water Dispenser one of the thinnest water servers in the industry,no need to worry about where to locate the server.
the corner and the ditch have minimal design. It is extremely easy to clean with just one sponge.
There is a child lock for warm water in addition to the second lock. It is safe for children. with just one sponge.
You may drip the water hands-free. Big glasses and pots are suitable to use.


Model No. VW
Type Hot / Cold Water
Tank Capacity Hot:2L ; Cold: 5L
Watt Hot :450W ; Cold: 90W
Power 110V, 50/60Hz
Dimension 25.5(W) x 41(D) x 105(H) cm
Weight 21Kg
The VW drip filter
Main filter:
Uses carefully selected ceramics, other filter-related materials and active charcoals to eliminate chlorine residue from water on tap, murky smell and trihalomethane.
Check filter:
The polyethylene located inside the hollow fiber, which looks like a slitter will eliminate any bacteria and scab included in water on tap.
Every 12 months,depends on water quality
Safety Design Hot water safety lock design.