RO-2804 5 Stage RO Water System

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6 Stage RO Water System


Product Functions
► Remove dirt, particle, odor, chlorine
► All filter materials are food grade
► Reverse Osmosis Water System
► The prodact are have liability insurance
► Faucet & installation kit included
► Easy Maintenance


Model No. RO-2604H6
Type DC RO Water system
1st Stage Pre-filter 5 Micron PP filter
2nd Stage CTO carbon filter
3rd Stage Sediment 1 Micron PP filter
4th Stage Buder DC RO Membrane
5th Stage Post Carbon filter
6th Stage Buder DC UF
RO Dimension 24(W) x 22(D) x 45.5(H) cm ( ±1% )
Tank Dimension 28(dia) x 40(H) cm ( ±1% )
Faucet Dimension 6(W) x 2.5(D) x 25.5(H) cm ( ±1% )