HI-TA835 Hydrogen Water
HI-TA812 / HI-TA812C Alkaline Water Ionizer

Hydrogen Water Ionizer


Product Function
►3 Platinum Plate CounterTop Hydrogen Water Ionizer
(Original Made in Japan)
► Certificated by TUV / ISO13485 / SGS
► Max. 3.3L/minute Flow Rate
► Cleaning cycle: Each second automatic reverse cleaning for 1/50 second (3600times per hour)
Alkaline Ionized Water Machine Industrial
►Original Made in Japan by Kyushu Hitachi Maxell Certificated by JIS / SGS
►The Quick-Change replacement cartridge (Silver activated carbon combined with UF membrane 0.1um)
►Lifetime: 12000liters


Model No. HI-TA833
Type Countertop
ORP Max.-450mv
Flow Rate Flow Rate Max. 3.3L/minute
pH value pH value pH5.5~9.5
Hydrogen Content ~0.6ppm
Weight/Dimension 5.7Kg/24x13 x32cm (±1%)
Voltage /Watt 110V;1.5A/132W
Filter Material Silver activated carbon combined with UF membrane 0.1um, certified by JIS (JAPAN) / SGS (TAIWAN)