BD-3005C Water Cooler Dispenser
BD-3004B Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Hot Water
Dispenser Sink


Product Functions
► European type safety faucet body: Anti-scalded material
► Mechanical style design and durable
► The ultra-high temperature, faucet with pressure design
► Hot water dispenser sink environment friendly & energy efficiency design
► Stainless steel 316 # water tank, firm and durable
► Backup Thermostats : WAKO (Japanese Brand)


Model No. BD-3006C
Type Hot Water With Faucet model:C
Tank Capacity Hot 4;Warm 2L
Watt Hot:750W
Water Connection Tap Water
Power 110V, 60Hz ; 220/240V , 50Hz
Dimension 18(W) x 24(D) x 39(H) cm
Faucet Size 5.5(W) x 15(D) x 26.5(H) cm (dia.22cm)
RO or Filtration System filtration system hang-outside
Safety Design 1.Double Protection with 2 Thermostats
2.Panasonic ELCB safety equipment
3.Safety faucet body : Anti-scalded material